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We help in maintaining  '5 S's' of good industrial housekeeping

  • 'SORT' - identify things that are absolutely necessary to perform the operation and remove everything else (e.g. remove anything that will not be needed within the next thirty days)
  • 'STRAIGHTEN' - provide a convenient, safe and orderly place for everything and keep it there
  • 'SCRUB' - keep machines, tools and the working environment clean
  • 'SYSTEMATISE' - keep everything clean and orderly by making cleaning and checking a routine
  • 'STANDARDISE' - standardise the previous four steps to ensure that the process never ends, and create an atmosphere of continual improvement


Effective housekeeping can eliminate some workplace hazards and help get a job done safely and properly. Poor housekeeping can frequently contribute to accidents by hiding hazards that cause injuries. If the sight of paper, debris, clutter and spills is accepted as normal, then other more serious health and safety hazards may be taken for granted.


Housekeeping is not just cleanliness. It includes keeping work areas neat and orderly; maintaining halls and floors free of slip and trip hazards; and removing of waste materials (e.g., paper, cardboard) and other fire hazards from work areas. It also requires paying attention to important details such as the layout of the whole workplace, aisle marking, the adequacy of storage facilities, and maintenance. Good housekeeping is also a basic part of accident and fire prevention.

Effective housekeeping is an ongoing operation: it is not a hit-and-miss cleanup done occasionally. Periodic "panic" cleanups are costly and ineffective in reducing accidents……… more


As a general rule of thumb, introducing good housekeeping can help reduce mistakes and defects by 50%. Good housekeeping also ensures that the workplace is safe, and that tools, parts and information required for production are available when they are needed.

Within Just-in-Time and Lean Manufacturing philosophies, there are five fundamental aspects of good housekeeping. These are the '5 S's' of good industrial housekeeping