Sub Services

Facility Management Services

Backed by experienced Facility Management Professionals in different fields, we specialize in offering services for Facility Management to a diverse set of companies. Offering 24 hour service to corporate offices, MNCs, banks and various other sectors, we provide the much needed support to many businesses so that they can function with optimum efficiency. Taking care of every small or big requirement, all the tasks for Management of the Facilities are handled properly.

We provide tailor made solutions for the needs of clients and are into the supply of trained manpower and supervisory staff for facility management services. We also provide support staff for the smooth running of offices including peons, runner boys, courier boys, pantry boys, receptionists, data entry operators etc. Apart from soft services, we also deal in hard services and provide facility managers, engineers and technicians.

The Management Includes
Pantry Service

  • Operate the tea/coffee vending machines
  • Serve tea/coffee/water to the employees and the visitors
  • Clear the workstations and the tables of the used mugs/cups/glasses etc. and wash them immediately
  • Dry the crockery at the end of the day and keep it in the pre-designated places
  • Maintain high level of hygiene in the pantry and the cafeteria

Office Boy Service

  • Receipt of mail and sorting
  • Distribution of mail to respective officers
  • Dispatch of mail by post / courier service
  • Photocopying and distribution of the documents
  • Distribution of incoming faxes
  • To notify the office automation vendors in case of breakdown
  • Filing of documents and retrieval of the documents as and when required
  • Documenting inward and outward mails
  • Plumber Service

  • Repair and maintain plumbing systems and components
  • Identify required toolsincludes keeping work areas neat and orderly; maintaining halls and floors free of slip and trip hazards; and removing of waste materials (e.g., paper, cardboard) and other fire hazards fro and special equipment
  • Select the type and size of pipe required
  • Locate and mark positions for connections and fixtures
  • Install supports and hangers for pipe, fixtures and equipment
  • Assemble and install valves and fittings
  • Install, repair and maintain water treatment equipment, piping and controls
  • Install, repair and maintain sinks, tubs and toilets
  • Test pipe systems and fixtures for leaks
  • Perform scheduled maintenance service on plumbing systems and fixtures

  • Electrician Service

  • Perform routine maintenance of the electrical system
  • Remove, clean and install motors; repair and replace parts, as needed
  • Perform electrical checks and troubleshoot electrical appliances, replacing parts and cleaning as necessary
  • Install and repair lighting fixtures and connections
  • Perform necessary preventative maintenance of all electrical equipment
  • Locate and retrieve parts as needed
  • Check control panels and replace relays, switches, and other parts
  • Change circuit breakers and work with stab assemblies on bus bar
  • Repair wiring, relays and switches on pump controls